At London Property Photography LTD we use the latest DSLR's with specialist wide angle lenses to capture as much of the room as possible without distorting it providing the viewers with a true image. Along with this all photos are processed with industry standard software to ensure the quality of the photographs meets our very high standards.

Why Choose Us?

Both photographs were taken from the exact same location. One image was taken on a smartphone camera whereas, the other image was taken by one of our professional photographers using specialist equipment.



iPhone Photograph

  • Too Dark.

  • Doesn't show the true scale of the room.

  • Devalues the property.

  • Will produce poor photos when working with low lighting.

_X2A5508 copy.jpg

Professional Property Photograph

  • Correctly exposed.

  • Shows the customers the full size of the room.

  • Shows the true value of the property.

  • Good quality images can be achieved in low lighting.